District Sentinel 4/24/2019

A chat with Sam Knight and Sam Sacks of District Sentinel Radio about updates in Mumia Abu-Jamal’s case on the occasion of Mumia’s 65th birthday!

Telemundo 62: Entrevista con Alexandra Galazra sobre manifestaciones en solidaridad con migrantes

Telemundo coverage of the International Day of Solidarity with Immigrants in Philadelphia organized by Fight for Im/migrants and Refugees Everywhere (FIRE) and Workers World Party. [Español]

Workers World: Philadelphia anti-fascist press conference: ’Now is not the time to be silent’

Remarks by the legendary Taina Afro-Boricua journalist and activist Berta Joubert-Ceci of Comite Boricua Filadelfia-Camden and Workers World Party at the 11/14 press conference.

We are not talking of prejudice, but of the real acting out of their racism and intolerance in a vicious, violent way, complicit with the committing of hate crimes based on the ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation. …

I direct these words to the people in Philadelphia who despise racism, who despise any kind of bigotry.

Are we allowing this in Philly?

Mayor Kinney, City Council Members, on your hands is the answer. You are the ones who will bear any negative consequences.

As a Philadelphia resident, I did my duty.

The Philadelphia Tribune: Coalition united against Saturday's 'hate march'

The Tribune is an African-American newspaper that was founded in Philadelphia in 1884, making it the longest-circulating African-American newspaper in history.

“This is nothing more than a coalition of white supremacist organizations that are coming to march in Philadelphia,” said Kelly, with [Workers World Party] during an opposition rally Wednesday at City Hall. “They are coming here as a result of a massive new mobilization of violent fascist insurgency that is happening across this country. If you recall, the march in Charlottesville (Va.) was called the ‘Unite The Right.’

“And that’s what these people are doing here,” Kelly continued. “We The People. We have to keep in mind that they don’t think most people are people. They don’t think Black and Brown people are people. They don’t think LGBTQ people are people; they don’t think women are people and they don’t think immigrants are people. So, when they say they are talking about ‘We The People’, they are talking about white men — that’s who they represent.”

Photo by Abdul Sulayman, Philadelphia Tribune

Photo by Abdul Sulayman, Philadelphia Tribune

Photo by Laura Benshoff, WHYY

Photo by Laura Benshoff, WHYY

WHYY: Proud Boys? Maybe. Counterprotesters? Definitely. What we know ahead of Saturday’s ‘We the People’ rally

Coverage in the mainstream bourgeois press of a November 14th press conference called by Workers World Party Philadelphia, demanding that Mayor Jim Kenney and the City Council join organizers in preventing the “We the People” alt-right rally planned for November 17th.

In the lead-up to Saturday, anti-fascist groups have been agitating to have the event’s permit pulled, saying it will incite violence against people of color, immigrants and LGBT people. At a press conference Wednesday, they spoke in front of the Octavius Catto statue outside City Hall.

“We cannot take this rally out of the framework of what is happening in the United States,” said speaker Berta Joubert-Ceci, with the Philadelphia-Camden Boricua Committee. “Hate crimes in the United States rose 17 percent in the last year.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer: Police, city prepare for conservative rally as online tensions swirl

Coverage in the mainstream bourgeois press of a November 14th press conference called by Workers World Party Philadelphia, demanding that Mayor Jim Kenney and the City Council join organizers in preventing the “We the People” alt-right rally planned for November 17th.

On Wednesday, about 15 people gathered outside City Hall to denounce Saturday's event as a magnet for bigotry and racism, calling on the National Park Service to revoke its permit and vowing to host a simultaneous "pushback rally."

"We do not want them here. They are not welcome here," said a speaker, Ted Kelly, who stood in front of a banner that read "No White Supremacists in Philly." Kelly cited Facebook posts and other since-deleted screenshots to insist rally-goers "are coming here to commit acts of violence."

Photo by Chris Palmer, Philly Inquirer

Photo by Chris Palmer, Philly Inquirer

sentinelcast ep 84.jpg

SentinelCast Episode 84: The Crumbled Blue Wall

Sam Knight and Sam Sacks over at the District Sentinel have unlocked the full episode of last month’s SentinelCast that featured Malaika Jabali as well as Bryant Arroyo and myself. Check out the full episode and subscribe!

  • Malaika Jabali on 2016 and how the Democratic Party failed black people in Milwaukee and beyond

  • A look at the crackdown after the Nationwide Prison Strike with Philly-based activist Ted Kelly and Frackville SCI inmate Bryant Arroyo

  • Does Mohammed Bin Salman beat out the NYPD? A very close Garbage Can race this week!


District Sentinel Radio: Ted Kelly and Bryant Arroyo talk about a new wave of repression in Pennsylvania prisons

Sam Knight and Sam Sacks at the District Sentinel interviewed me about the recent state-wide lockdown of Pennsylvania prisons as a means to shut down the Nationwide Prison Strike. They included an interview that I recorded with Bryant Arroyo who spoke with me via phone from inside SCI Frackville. It made for some dramatic radio when the call was unceremoniously cut off mid-interview.

The Sams were also kind enough to make this segment of the show available for free despite the fact that the SentinelCast is subscriber only. I’m a subscriber myself so I recommend checking it out here.


Photo by Greg Butterfield

Photo by Greg Butterfield

“Prisoners and Class struggle,” Marx @ 200 conference

Back in May I was invited to speak on the prison struggle at the Marx @ 200 conference hosted by the WWP Center. On the occasion of the bicentenniel of Karl Marx’s birth, I joined a really excellent lineup of speakers who spoke about anti-imperialism, anti-sexism, the LGBTQ struggle, the Filipino national liberation movement, and many other topics, all within the framework of the workers struggle. I hope that I was able to communicate in my short talk that prisoners in the United States are the most oppressed sector of the working class and that conditions demand our immediate and militant solidarity.